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Gilex (Doxepin)

Gilex is used for treating depression or anxiety in certain patients. It may also be used for other conditions. Gilex is a tricyclic antidepressant. It increases the activity of certain chemicals in the brain, which help elevate mood. Gilex is a tricyclic antidepressant. It increases the activity of certain chemicals in the brain, which help elevate mood.

Other names for this medication:
Doxepin, Sinequan, Adapin, Anten, Aponal, Deptran, Doneurin, Doxal, Doxin, Expan, Gilex, Mareen, Quitaxon, Silenor, Sinepin, Zonalon,

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gilex medicine

An association was found between air pollution and MICU activation for OHCA (ozone and PM2.5). Change in Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth properties under the influence of a magnetic field

gilex side effects

In addition, we found that 4-OH-CB106 did not alter the ability of TRbeta1 to physically interact with the TRE in the GH promoter, or with SRC1 or NCoR. A role for ERK1/2 in EGF- and ATP-dependent regulation of amiloride-sensitive sodium absorption. Routine MDCT has relatively lower, though still substantial, added diagnostic value compared with selective MDCT of the chest. They are compared with extremity doses extracted from dedicated studies published in the literature which were reviewed in a previous publication.

gilex side effects

It has been demonstrated that multiple classes of antidepressant drugs increase hippocampal cell proliferation and neurogenesis in a chronic and not acute time course, which corresponds to the therapeutic time course necessary for effects. PET scanning may also be an important tool in future studies to further elucidate the pathogenetic mechanism of radiation-induced lung injury.

gilex medicine

In addition, abnormalities such as microcalcifications, irregular tumours and spiculated tumours are inserted into the phantom. Synthesis and redox properties of triiron complexes featuring strong Fe-Fe interactions.

gilex medicine

The specific activity of the immobilized enzyme complex is not a simple function of the bound protein quantity, but depends on immobilization conditions. TOR signaling is required for amino acid stimulation of early trypsin protein synthesis in the midgut of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Most children with CNO have a favourable outcome of the disease. Fecundity was also measured in flies that did not undergo a desiccation stress. Pharmacokinetics of phenytoin in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.

gilex side effects

As the pharmacokinetics of clozapine vary considerably between and within individuals, there may be an association between genetic polymorphisms and clozapine plasma concentration and consequently, clinical response. It may have a clear advantage over the present parenteral formulation of phenytoin. There were also changes in the expression of specific sodium channels and nitric oxide synthase, both at the injury site and in the trigeminal ganglion. Degradation requires Fus3 kinase activity and a MAPK phosphorylation site in Tec1 at threonine 273.

gilex medicine

Calculation of triplet-triplet energy transfer rates from emission and absorption spectra. To describe and compare the computed tomographic (CT) findings of pulmonary septic emboli in causative microorganisms.

gilex side effects

We propose a novel hypothesis of thyroid carcinogenesis, the fetal cell carcinogenesis hypothesis, in which cancer cells are derived from the remnants of fetal thyroid cells, instead of from normal thyroid follicular cells. cholerae strain responsible for outbreaks of epidemic cholera in India, Bangladesh, and Thailand in the past 2 years.

gilex medicine

Effect of dissolved organic matter of various origins and biodegradabilities on the bioaccumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Daphnia magna. The aim of this study was to identify biomarkers that may be predictive for the clinical activity of the redox-active antitumor agent imexon. Alpha heavy chain disease lacking secretory alpha chain, with cobblestone appearance of the small intestine and duodenal ulcer demonstrated by endoscopy.

gilex medicine

Vibrio cholerae was isolated from the lagoon, which was contaminated by human wastes. Particularly ADAM-8, -12, and -15, were predominantly located in the implantation site of the uterine tissues, whereas little or no protein was localized in the interimplantation site.

gilex medicine

In this study, we compared HDS extracted from regenerated (or diseased) shell with bovine carbonic anhydrase II in terms of their ability to promote the growth of calcium carbonate crystals. A thorough diagnostic work up, consisting of anamnesis, clinical and haematological examinations, oral inspection under sedation and the use of diagnostic imaging techniques should be mandatory before surgical exploration of the abscess. The ultrasonographic, microbiologic and histologic findings are discussed and the results of in-vitro sensitivity testing presented. Tachykinins participate in somatic pain and intestinal motility control.

gilex medicine

Together with DNA polymerases alpha and delta, this enzyme replicates the nuclear DNA in the eukaryotic cell. Currently used assay methods, such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), are usually time-consuming (hours to days), expensive and technically complicated.

gilex side effects

Thermal regulation of tightly packed solid-state photodetectors in a 1 mm(3) resolution clinical PET system. Complications after total knee arthroplasty, such as malalignment, instability, and excessive wear, have been attributed to poor soft tissue balance. Despite concern raised with the announcement that common heating processes such as frying introduce acrylamide, a known rodent carcinogen, into food, the mutagenicity of acrylamide in mammalian DNA is controversial. The major changes in the updated recommendations include the following. Prolonged facial hypesthesia resulting from greater occipital nerve block.

gilex side effects

Three experiments investigated mediated configural learning in male rats. A qualitative explorative and descriptive research design, involving content analysis of video recordings, was used. Finally, muscarinic receptor blockade was ineffective in preventing Rp from increasing during infusion of normal saline. The nature and possible significance of this abnormality in relation to the pathogenesis of ALS is as yet unknown, but notably there was no significant correlation between the degree of cell abnormality as manifested by haemolysis and the duration of the disease in the individual patient.

gilex medicine

This led to the decreased accumulation of (14C)citrate from (2-14C)acetate. Use of telephone interviews to follow up patients after total hip replacement. Much of the information in this publication is from personal experience and expresses the opinions of these authors while citing relevant literature and studies. In the absence of state regulation, resolutions of the Federal Board of Medicine are filling the gap. Antirecurrence action of preparations made from Listeria in the surgical removal of sarcoma 180

gilex side effects

The role of estradiol dehydrogenase in mediating progestin effects on endometrium from postmenopausal women receiving estrogens and progestins. Simulation results indicate that a pH gradient forms as samples flow downstream and this pH profile agrees well with experimental results validating our model. The goals of the shortening procedure are to relieve pain and prevent arthritis by reestablishing a neutral or slightly negative ulnar variance. For four spindles, the maximum tetanic force was converted into the force per unit cross-sectional area of nuclear chain and nuclear bag fibers. Avanafil is a selective PDE5 inhibitors, that is rapidly absorbed and that has a short time to peak response.

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gilex medicine

By contrast, adiponectin was secreted at threefold higher rates by visceral than by subcutaneous adipocytes while visceral adipocytes also showed two- to threefold higher insulin-stimulated glucose uptake. Circadian expression of clock genes in purified hematopoietic stem cells is developmentally regulated in mouse bone marrow. Two shifts were detected by SSCP, and subsequent DNA analysis identified one in-frame three-base GAG (424-426) deletion and one silent nucleotide substitution (C1261T). After 7 days, (35)S release was measured taken as a measure of cartilage degradation.

gilex medicine

The endotoxin levels ranged from 40 to 5.5 x 10(4) endotoxin units (EU) per gram and did not correlate with the number of viable bacteria. We sought to evaluate this in late childhood and adolescent subjects.

gilex side effects

Limited proteolysis yielded similar polypeptide profiles for the deglycosylated enzymes, suggesting a common polypeptide core with differential glycosylation apparently responsible for their biochemical and biophysical differences. Roughly 7 of 10 infants aged 1 year of younger had one eye with at least 1 diopter of astigmatism or more, while only 1 out of 10 children of age four or more had an eye with 1 or more diopters of astigmatism. Our analyses suggest that, even in models of extreme recombination rate heterogeneity, some human populations will have a functionally block-like structure to the pattern of LD, but others will not, depending on their precise demographic histories. Several methods such as (genome wide) association studies, sib-pair analysis, and quantitative trait loci (QTLs) analysis are available to examine polygenic diseases.

doxepin 10mg sleep

In the context of long-term monitoring, these methods can be used efficiently and safely despite their imperfection. In electron-microscopic gold immunolabelling, a hypha-specific MAb (3D9) labelled the surface of the hyphal but not of the yeast cells of C.

doxepin for hives dosage for amoxicillin

There is some controversy regarding whether these agents should be temporarily discontinued before dental procedures. Quantification of absorbed doses to urine bladder depending on drinking water during radioiodine therapy to thyroid cancer patients: a clinical study using MIRDOSE3. On our current understanding, these are quite diverse in nature, so that combinations of antimutagens will probably be necessary.

doxepin hcl 10mg cap mylane

What is the mechanism of abnormal blood pressure response on exercise in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? Less toxic drugs should be evaluated and used in these patients. Lentivirus was collected in 72 hours and was added to the cultured MHCC97H cells.

doxepin 50 mg nebenwirkungen baldrian

We conducted a community-based survey of self-identified American Indian/Alaska Native women 14 to 25 years of age on a reservation in the Northwestern United States to inform a chlamydia screening strategy. Evaluating the impact of child safety seat check-up events on parental knowledge. Compared to Tra2beta5, the expression of Tra2beta3 and 4 transcripts is significantly restricted and more vigorously regulated in a tissue- and temporal-specific pattern. We discovered that events of positive tears, rather than negative tears, were associated with self-reported being moved or touched, with goosebumps, with feelings of chest warmth, and with the appraisals of increased closeness and moral acts. At first, part of the kidney, rather than all of it, was resected only if there was an absolute indication for doing so, i.e., if the tumor was located in an anatomically or functionally solitary kidney or if renal failure was already present.

gilex side effects

The present data together with consideration of the known clinical effects of BL-3912, fenfluramine, and Sch-12679 are consistent with the following conclusions: (1) a variety of drugs may substitute in whole or in part for LSD in LSD-trained rats, and (2) even complete substitution of a drug for LSD in the rat is not necessarily associated with the production by that drug of hallucinations in man. Unfortunately, there is a lack of methods to prove this information experimentally besides the document-based traceability assessments. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) has been associated with adverse developmental outcomes including embryonic resorption, intra-uterine fetal death (IUFD), intra-uterine growth retardation (IUGR) and preterm labor. Employing the DNase I inhibition assay, a decrease in G-actin is demonstrated in human mononuclear cells following stimulation with mitogenic lectins concanavalin A (Con A) and phytohemagglutinin (PHA), as well as a nonmitogenic lectin, wheat germ agglutinin (WGA). Even among these, ECT cannot be expected to prevent the relapses in an illness whose underlying course is episodic.

doxepin doses available of adderall

ATP gamma S induces actin and myosin rearrangement during histamine secretion in a rat basophilic leukemia cell line (RBL-2H3). Since the DLPFC and the ACC are implicated in memory and emotional regulation, and the ACC has motor areas and is thought to be important for error detection, the dialogue between these two areas could play a role in the regulation of emotions and in procedural motor and emotional memory consolidation. Exceptions when it comes to confidentiality in connection with certain research projects Our ordination analyses by nonparametric multidimensional scaling (NMS) indicated that the Pb enrichment induced a shift in the ectomycorrhizal community composition.

doxepin medication used for sleep

Analysis of CT antigen expression and humoral immunogenicity of NY-ESO-1 protein in gastric carcinoma Analysis of certain experimental results on the covalent assembly of human immunoglobulin G yields information about the pathway of assembly.

doxepin side effects dose

There has never been a report of carcinoma found in an enterocele sac. Over-expression of OsCOIN in transgenic rice lines significantly enhanced their tolerance to cold, salt and drought, accompanied by an up-regulation of OsP5CS expression and an increase of cellular proline level. In qualitative agreement with the experimental data, applied-field molecular dynamics unraveled atomistic details of the ion transport.

doxepin hcl 10mg side effectss

The polarized components of the extrinsic fluorescence of squid giant axons stained with 2,6-MANS or 1,8-MANS were studied. Given the prevalence of lay perceptions, and the confidence of dermatological opinion in rebutting these perceptions as myths and misconceptions, surprisingly little evidence exists for the efficacy or lack of efficacy of dietary factors, face-washing and sunlight exposure in the management of acne. Larval development of some Bregmaceros species (Pisces: Bregmacerotidae) from the southeast Gulf of Mexico Culture for diagnosis of onychomycosis is time-consuming and has high false-negative rates.

doxepin neuraxpharm 30 ml in oz

We performed a systematic review of the literature using the keywords protein kinase C-beta and enzastaurin in order to characterize the therapeutic target PKC-beta. Several mathematical models describe with acceptable accuracy all the ablative properties of the 10.6 microm laser beam. Our results provide weak evidence that obese workers are more likely to be unemployed or tend to be more segregated in self-employment jobs than their non-obese counterparts.

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B-L9 is composed of 122 residues and has the amino acid composition: Asp3, ASN3, Thr4, Ser3, Glu22, Gln1, Pro3, Gly11, Ala21, Val14, Ile9, Leu12, Phe2, Lys13, and Arg1. Grid with a view: optimal texturing for perception of layered surface shape.

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To confirm the usefulness of these methods, a transplantation experiment was performed using beagles. Gait speed, normalized gait speed, and stride lengths decreased when the Merry Walker device was used, compared with walking without an assistive device. Immunoglobulin M and A antibodies to hepatitis C core antigen in chronic hepatitis C virus infection. This chapter argues that by making the step from emotional states to individual differences in emotion, neuroeconomics can extend its neurobiological roots and outreach its current clinical relevance.

doxepin hydrochloride side effects

By conducting a large prospective study, which captured epidemiological, clinical, and biological data, we have produced a high-quality unique dataset, which will be beneficial for analyzing study aims as well as answering future DR-TB research questions. Identification of a potent and selective 5-HT1B receptor antagonist. These analyses demonstrated significant changes in bacterial community structure in FMF characterized by depletion of total numbers of bacteria, loss of diversity, and major shifts in bacterial populations within the Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes and Proteobacteria phyla in attack. Mast cells play an important role in stress-induced epithelial barrier dysfunction in esophagus. There is a subset of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) that demonstrate osteitis of the sinuses.

doxepin medication sleep

We conclude that an AP-2 site-binding factor and EBNA2 act in concert to overcome the repression of the LMP1 promoter via the consensus AP-2 site. Assessing the performance of single-copy genes for recovering robust phylogenies. Both enzyme preparations improved malabsorption to a similar degree, although the applied dosages could have been too low in some children reflected in a suboptimal CFA. Neutrophil activation followed by free radical production is a feature that is common to the various forms of gastric injury.

doxepin drug and food interactions for doxepin

Ultrastructural observation of cancer cells by TEM confirmed the fact that the activity of the cells was maintained even in ascites. A maximum recommended waiting time is proposed and the framework for a solution-oriented approach is presented. Octamer-binding transcription factor 4 (Oct-4), an important gene regulating stem cell pluripotency, is well-known for its ability to reprogram somatic cells in vitro, either alone or in concert with other factors. Paediatric cases were successfully treated mostly with amphotericin B and azoles.

doxepin 100 mg wirkungsquantum

A possibility of reproducing active skin anaphylaxis after Ovary and of the contraction-test of the tracheal-chain by the neisseria antigens was shown. The most prominent risk factor for the development of trichosporonosis is immunocompromise, most notably with neutropenia. Of the three CysLTRs, only GPR99-deficient mice are fully protected from EpC mucin release and swelling elicited by Alternaria or by intranasal LTE4 GPR99 expression is detected on lung and nasal EpCs, which release mucin to doses of LTE4 one log lower than that required to elicit submucosal swelling.

doxepin hydrochloride classification

The differences were detected between normal brain tissue and LMG and HMG. The use of the BNI screen for higher cerebral functions in assessing disorientation after traumatic brain injury.

doxepin 25 mg cenapred

Lack of association between the BIM deletion polymorphism and the risk of lung cancer with and without EGFR mutations. We now understand that a number of important physiological parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, vascular reactivity, cardiac contractility, and various hemostatic factors all demonstrate a circadian pattern similar to that described for cardiovascular disorders. Theories based on sex differences in gametic investment make no such specific predictions.

doxepin dosage strengths

Adherence-inhibitory intestinal immunoglobulin a antibody response in baboons elicited by use of a synthetic intranasal lectin-based amebiasis subunit vaccine. The distinction of foetal from adult blood stains prepared from 219 cord blood samples was possible, without exception, up to eight months by means of alpha1-fetoprotein precipitation, carried out by immuno-electrophoresis on cellulose acetate (Biotest) instead of agar gel, as described by Patzelt, Geserick and Lignitz. Because of compression of adjacent lung tissue and poor response to medical therapy, patients may require surgical resection of the hyperinflated region of lung. The control group consisted of 14 normal-hearing children (4.1-8.0 years old). Evoked responses obtained while subjects generated static and dynamic contractions were highly codirectional with the voluntary forces.

doxepin cream australia

Large deviation relations known as fluctuation theorems also capture crucial nonequilibrium thermodynamical properties. The hair follicle is a unique composite organ, composed of epithelial and dermal compartments interacting with each other in a surprisingly autonomous way. This indicates that glycosaminoglycans were primarily responsible for the staining pattern visualized with these methods. Effect of prazosin on catecholamines, renin-aldosterone system and prostaglandins in primary hypertension

doxepin 300 mg

Patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) frequently report episodes of interidentity amnesia, that is amnesia for events experienced by other identities. Asparagine, valine, and threonine in the third extracellular loop of muscarinic receptor have essential roles in the positive cooperativity of strychnine-like allosteric modulators. Previous work has shown that the injection of antiidiotope antibodies specific for idiotopes of the germline-encoded anti-(4-hydroxy-3-nitro-phenyl) acetyl (NP) antibody B1-8 enhanced or suppressed the expression of B1-8 idiotopes in subsequent humoral anti-NP responses, depending on the dose and perhaps also the isotype of the injected antibody. It was determined that the Cmcm phase may transform into the phase at pressures higher than 13 GPa.

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doxepin hcl high cholesterol 2013-04-20

How widespread is silent myocardial ischemia and should we be actively looking for it? Increased PRFAR concentrations resulted in decreased contribution of glutaminase activity and, consequently, increased the contribution of synthetase activity in the enzyme functioning. Plasma membrane depolarization reduces nitric oxide (NO) production in P388D.1 macrophage-like cells during Leishmania major infection. The functional significance of cattle major histocompatibility complex class I genetic diversity. The system has been quantitatively evaluated over 60 cell images acquired by a deconvolution high-resolution microscope and whose ground truth has been manually given by lansoprazole suspension compound formula a biologist expert.

doxepin side effects dose 2013-12-04

Although the preliminary results still exhibit an average efficiency, the present approach is an innovative and promising technique that should be deeply explored bactron forte 160 800mg to g in the context of the present study. Two classes of broadly neutralizing antibodies within a single lineage directed to the high-mannose patch of HIV envelope. The methods of psychological diagnostics ignored the integral criteria of functional states which are used in athletes. Cytolethal distending toxin (CDT) is a multisubunit protein found in various gram-negative bacterial pathogens of humans which is thought to cause cell death by direct DNA damage of host cells. To explore expression of ErbB3 and ErbB4 genes in laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas and their relation with the biological and clinicopathological parameters.

doxepin 100 mg tabletten voor 2012-06-24

The results support the hypothesis that type III hyperlipidemia is due to an abnormal composition of the VLDL particles rather than a result of an abnormal mutant of apo E-3. The dysregulation of certain fibulins occurs in a range of human disorders, including cancer. A familial q21.1q23.2-inversion on chromosome 14 that co-segregated with spherocytosis and learning difficulties or omeprazole side effects gastric banding mild mental retardation was extensively investigated by bacterial artificial chromosome fluorescence in situ hybridization and array-comparative genomic hybridization. It is concluded that changes in the rate of hepatic glycogenesis, which occur in response to changes in blood glucose concentration, are mediated in part by the vagal efferent innervation of the liver.

doxepin-neuraxpharm 25 mg nebenwirkungen diclofenac 2014-04-11

Measurements were based on 16S rRNA gene copy numbers duprost review journal of Saccharopolyspora rectivirgula, a bioindicator of composting plant emissions. Phosphorylated components in the HGF-c-Met and STAT (signal transducers and activators of transcription) pathways were detected by immunoprecipitation-Western blots.

doxepin capsules 10mg 2017-11-03

Integrating novel chemical weapons and evolutionarily increased competitive ability in success of a tropical invader. This review addresses the current literature on APOL1 associations with CVD, cerebrovascular disease, and death. This single-molecule sensor for biomedical and biotechnological applications is promising but until now direct proof of protein translocation through a narrow channel is lacking. Circulating levels of mannan-binding lectin (MBL) and MBL-associated serine protease 2 in endemic pemphigus foliaceus. HIV treatment to reduce downstream HIV obat cefat cefadroxil 500 mg incidence and to decrease disease mortality and morbidity at a population level both require that hidden, out-of-care people living with HIV (PLH) in the community be reached and engaged to enter care.

can doxepin capsules be opened bible 2016-02-20

We report mean and median results by each demographic category and test for the statistical significance of each. In the case of animal cells, their encapsulation within a matrix is essential in order to create a physical barrier that can protect the cells auto-immune defenders upon implantation into a living body. lansoprazole dr side effects A new amphiphilic bone bonding agent was developed, which builds an optimizied interlayer between the hydrophilic bone surface and the hydrophobic PMMA bone cement and thus leads to adhesive bonding between them.

doxepin overdose signs of methadone 2014-10-07

We hypothesized that PPAR-gamma-based antidiabetic therapy would result in greater reduction in proteinuria compared to sulfonylurea-based therapy. Autoadjusting CPAP may underestimate optimal treatment settings. Cyclic AMP (cAMP) output in the duodenal contents of 11 normal subjects, 18 patients with chronic pancreatitis, six convalescing from acute pancreatitis and five with pancreatic carcinoma was measured after a single dose of pancreozymin and secretin. Body mass index (BMI), serum total cholesterol (TC) and triacylglycerol (TG) increased, whereas high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C) decreased with an increase in the amount smoked, but there were no significant differences between smokers and non-smokers. administration of lidocaine 30 mg and propofol 2.5 mg kg(-1) (Group 1), thiopental 5 mg kg(-1) (Group 2), lidocaine 30 mg and thiopental 5 mg talosin medication kg(-1) (Group 3), etomidate 0.3 mg kg(-1) (Group 4), or lidocaine 30 mg and etomidate 0.3 mg kg(-1) (Group 5).

silenor doxepin tablets 6mg of xanax 2019-11-12

Recently identified autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis are targeting autoantigen molecules, such as calpastatin, a novel form of soluble gp130, and follistatin-related protein, that appear to play a role in protecting effects in joint inflammation. The MR volume was then measured with a segmentation algorithm based on the belief functions theory. vali, the suprahabenular recess is also contiguous with the pineal stalk and the superficial pineal component. We report a patient with Sotos syndrome with two distinct accessory atrioventricular bypass tracts documented by invasive electrophysiology testing and a curative catheter ablation procedure. The limited data from randomised controlled trials on the pharmacotherapy and esomeprazole price in pakistan samsung psychotherapy of DPRD demonstrates inconsistent evidence for the efficacy of lamotrigine, and no efficacy for other interventions.

doxepin recreational drug 2010-01-24

Single questions describing the overall situation of perceived oral health or its changes may provide simple and easy-to-interpret information about the impact of prosthodontic treatment. The supraorbital eyebrow approach in children: clinical outcomes, cosmetic results, and complications. Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided needle biopsy of the prostate is a widely practised method for obtaining high quality tissue cores for histological diagnosis in buspirone for opioid withdrawal men with suspected prostate cancer.

doxepin hcl 10mg 2017-04-11

LIMITATIONS included heterogeneous study protocols with possible variability in the assessment of skeletal end-points. We conducted a retrospective analysis of 220 consecutive patients with stage I-III CRC who underwent curative resection. We present two case reports liofen xl tablet uses of pleuroperitoneal leak in two patients on peritoneal dialysis diagnosed with Tc-99m gammagraphy. Prevalence of and risk factors for cigarette smoking among adolescents in South America: a systematic literature review