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Darunavir is only found in individuals that have used or taken this drug. It is a protease inhibitor used to treat HIV. It acts on the HIV aspartyl protease which the virus needs to cleave the HIV polyprotein into its functional fragments. Darunavir is a HIV protease inhibitor which prevents HIV replication by binding to the enzyme's active site, thereby preventing the dimerization and the catalytic activity of the HIV-1 protease. Darunavir selectively inhibits the cleavage of HIV encoded Gag-Pol polyproteins in virus-infected cells, which prevents the formation of mature infectious virus particles. Structual analyses suggests that the close contact that Darunavir has with the main chains of the protease active site amino acids (Asp-29 and Asp-30) is an important contributing factor to its potency and wide spectrum of activity against multi-protease inhibitor resistant HIV-1 variants. Darunavir can also adapt to the changing shape of a protease enzyme because of its molecular flexibility. Darunavir is known to bind to two distinct sites on the enzyme: the active site cavity and the surface of one of the flexible flaps in the protease dimer.

Other names for this medication:
Darunavir, Prezista,

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Although numerous studies have been devoted to harmonic map research, limited progress has been made to compute a diffeomorphic harmonic map on general topology surfaces with landmark constraints. Poverty increases maternal stress by heightening exposure to negative life events, job loss, chronic strains, poor housing, dangerous neighborhoods, and conflict with partners, culminating in crippling depressive symptoms, the most prevalent mental health threat.

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These un-annotated foldable domains were grouped using a combination of remote homology searches and domain annotations, leading to define different levels of darkness. The objective of the present study was to investigate the influence of smoking on vertical periodontal bone loss over 10 years. The term perceptual grouping is associated with classical principles such as similarity and proximity. Physical nature of intermolecular interactions within cAMP-dependent protein kinase active site: differential transition state stabilization in phosphoryl transfer reaction.

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Expression of Borrelia burgdorferi erp genes during infection of non-human primates. Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome, and botulism, as well as rare disorders of skeletal muscle membrane excitability, including paramyotonia congenita, myotonia congenita, myotonic dystrophy, and the periodic paralyses. Paradoxical worsening of cavernous sinus dural arteriovenous fistula: case report with serial angiograms All admissions to a 12-bed, inner-city, university-affiliated hospital, medical ICU from July 1999 to December 2000.

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Although medical surveillance examinations, toxic exposure assessments, and other specialty services were available, the demand for such services was relatively low. Group 2 had better frontal and sagittal plane balance and the lowest complication rate. Changes in nitrogen compounds during ripening of 40 batches of Manchego cheese made from raw milk (24 batches) or pasteurized milk (16 batches) at five different dairies throughout the year were investigated. The selection differential can be reliably estimated in our study population because almost all the fish are harvested within their first years of life, i.e.

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A validated Western blot test was used for the identification and quantification of PrP(Sc). Incentive-driven, outcomes-based multicomponent corporate health management program including health risk appraisal (HRA)/wellness, lifestyle management, and disease management coaching programs. Located on the north shore of Long Island in New York, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Figure 1) started out with a marine biology emphasis at the end of the 19th century, but it soon established itself as a prominent cancer research facility.

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Victorians living in the most disadvantaged areas have a greater burden from COPD, highlighting a need to prioritise public health services interventions to improve outcomes. One child was identified as the source of SARS transmission to another household. There were no signs of recurrence on computed tomography (CT) imaging.

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Mild dilated cardiomyopathy and increased left ventricular mass predict mortality: the prospective P2C2 HIV Multicenter Study. Based on the evolutionary conservation of the CCND1-ORAOV1-FGF19-FGF4 locus from zebrafish to human, it was concluded that Fgf15 gene is the rodent ortholog of human FGF19 gene. A review of the clinical files of patients with HCC younger than 40 years of age, who were treated between May 1990 and July 2002, was performed.

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The HSD2 neurons project mainly to the ventrolateral bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTvl), the pre-locus coeruleus (pre-LC), and the inner division of the external lateral parabrachial nucleus (PBel). In this randomized, phase III study, quality of life (QoL) was assessed in patients with locoregionally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN) after high-dose radiotherapy alone or in combination with cetuximab. Significant differences between the groups with MS and the control groups were higher serum antibody titers to measles virus in the groups with MS, higher proportion of patients with MS with CSF antibodies to measles, rubella, and vaccinia viruses, and greater percentage of patients with MS with more than one CSF viral antibody.

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Seven patient-derived GBM lines were treated with 3 SINE compounds (KPT-251, KPT-276, and Selinexor) in neurosphere culture conditions. Quantifying Trace Amounts of Aggregates in Biopharmaceuticals Using Analytical Ultracentrifugation Sedimentation Velocity: Bayesian Analyses and F Statistics. Somatic rearrangements forming active immunoglobulin mu genes in B and T lymphoid cell lines.

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THC significantly impaired performance of occasional cannabis users on critical tracking, divided attention and the stop signal task. Transgenesis applied to transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. The resident physicians reported that this conference format was an effective method for teaching this content. Soft Tissue Response in Posterior Teeth Adjacent to Interdental Single Implants: A Controlled Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Intrasulcular vs Trapezoidal Incision. Namely, they had brisk responses to spots of light, inhibitory surrounds, and relatively large receptive fields that increased with eccentricity, as well as minimal presaccadic activity.

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Together this indicates that genome-wide identification of known and novel membrane interactive proteins and sites is now feasible and provides a new tool for functional annotation of the proteome. Is it always necessary to use triple combination in the treatment of patients with chronic cardiac failure? Clinical evaluation of pain treatment with electrostimulation: a study on TENS in patients with different pain syndromes. We also investigate the dispersion characteristics of an infinite array of SCOW resonators and show that the dispersion relation and group index in the EIT subband can be greatly changed by a small phase shift between the SCOW resonators. Therefore, understanding the parameters that define glycan interactions with both pathogens and the various components of the host immune system can aid in the development of strategies to prevent, interrupt, or manage infection.

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To assess the efficacy of targeted sonography using RVS, we analyzed the frequency of sonographic detection of incidentally detected breast lesions and the difference between sonography- and CT-determined diameters. Taxonomic classification of the mcrA genes suggested that these digesters were dominated by acetoclastic methanogens, particularly Methanosarcinales, while the other digesters were dominated by hydrogenotrophic Methanomicrobiales. As myoblasts are the cells responsible for hypertrophy of muscle fibres, the observed differences in cell growth may play a role in the hypertrophy of certain muscles in callipyge animals. The nitrogen cycle, in particular, is driven by microorganisms responsible for the fixation and loss of nitrogen, and the reduction-oxidation transformations of bio-available nitrogen. Although precise pathogenic mechanisms have been under debate, the NE-mediated severe pulmonary tissue damage, based upon the protease-antiprotease imbalance hypothesis, may be a major pathogenic determinant of these diseases, in particular COPD.

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Nitrous oxide inhalation a good treatment of procedural pain in children These findings indicate that reconsolidation interference effects can be achieved for trauma-related episodic memories and the emotional valence of interference material may be an important contextual factor in achieving these effects. From a knowledge of dome shape, radius, and hydrostatic pressure difference delta P, from within to outside the domes, biophysical properties of the epithelium can be determined. As substance P NH2-terminal fragments can modulate non-NMDA EAA-mediated activity, we examined the effects of substance P fragments to ascertain whether the COOH- or NH2-terminus of substance P modulates the actions of NMDA in the spinal cord. The Hep G2 hepatoma cell line synthesizes the inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor (ITI).

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It has been reported that WAVE3 could induce cancer invasion and metastasis by participating epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Insights into protein-protein interfaces using a Bayesian network prediction method. Occasionally reexpansion of the collapsed lung is complicated by unilateral pulmonary edema, heralded by tachypnea, unilateral rales, and profuse expectoration of frothy secretions within several hours of reexpansion. Obtained ahnost the same satisfactory radiological outcomes after patella resurfacing and retention groups after total knee replacement allows us to conclude that, primary TKA without patella resurfacing is a good treatment option in patients with high grade osteoarthritis of the patellofemoral joint.

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IC9564 also competed with the binding of gp120/CD4 complexes to chemokine receptors. Estimates are provided by the demographic characteristics of patients discharged, geographic region of hospitals, conditions diagnosed, and surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed.

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Excess in vitro secretion of the free alpha-subunit of the glycoprotein hormones by pituitary cells from chronically uremic rats. Understanding these mechanisms may give insight into the formation of critical periods and provide new strategies for increasing plasticity and adaptive change in adulthood. We report a case of a 52 year old woman having previously undergone treatment for ovarian serous papillary carcinoma who subsequently presented with a large solitary mass in the liver.

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Approximately 4000 children and adolescents under the age of 20 years develop acute leukemia per year in the US. Simultaneously with, or following shortly after the putrescine induction, reductions in root growth, chlorosis, induction of leaf chitinase activity, and, later, reduced shoot growth and lowered water content in leaves are observed. For example, after sorting cards by one rule, children will reliably perseverate with this rule even when they are clearly and repeatedly instructed to switch to a new rule. Increases in peptide- and receptor-specific potency and affinity were observed with a certain preference of mu- over delta-receptors. Axonal microtubules necessary for generation of sodium current in squid giant axons: II.

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Mechanical thrombectomy for acute stroke in childhood: how much does restricted diffusion matter? SEASON OF DELTAMETHRIN APPLICATION AFFECTS FLEA AND PLAGUE CONTROL IN WHITE-TAILED PRAIRIE DOG (CYNOMYS LEUCURUS) COLONIES, COLORADO, USA. We also found that these isolates are uniformly sensitive to a range of quinoline-based antimalarials and artemisinin derivatives. DARP-36aa selectively promotes survival and morphological development of cultured mesencephalic neurons.

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Guideline recommendations and results: the importance of the linkage. This study compared 1-year risk of psychiatric hospitalization and treatment costs in commercially insured patients with bipolar disorder, treated with aripiprazole, ziprasidone, olanzapine, quetiapine or risperidone. The existence of tuberculosis (TB) can be found in the bones of prehistoric man, found in Germany. The rate of the increase of S-2251 hydrolysis (thus activation rate of Glu-plg I and II with UK) increased in parallel with increase in fluorescence intensity of Glu-plg I and II in the presence of omega-aminoacids. Results were compared with those or more comprehensive microbiological investigations.

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Initial experiences with transvaginal sonography of the urethra and bladder within the scope of the diagnosis of incontinence Levosimendan therapy in patients with decompensated chronic heart failure contributes to progressive NYHA class improvement. Ten women undergoing in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) were enrolled in in vitro culture studies. kansasii were recovered from 127, 42 and 6 specimens, respectively. Two types of error control-coding techniques are proposed to enhance reliability of transmission and storage of medical images interleaved with patient information.

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A cerebellar-specific increase in serotonin and its metabolite was observed. The effectiveness of current induced action potentials upon test EPSPs provided evidence for the postsynaptic localization of plastic changes occurring in conditioning experiments.

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We have previously reported that Ginsenoside Rb1 may effectively prevent HUVECs from senescence, however, the detailed mechanism has not demonstrated up to now. Forty patients with severe chronic stable airflow obstruction and hyperinflation were studied to assess patterns of abnormal chest wall motion and their frequency. The purposes of this study were to identify and rate the quality of cost analysis literature in physical therapy and to report summary information on the findings from the reviewed studies. Scanty budgetary resources generate a need for optimally distributing the funds among different lines of expenditure in order to achieve the greatest possible social impact by taking into account the interests of different parties. In comparison, only a mild increase in opacities was noted in the PRK cases.

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We performed cluster analysis on acoustic data based on the Bray-Curtis index of similarity, using the UPGMA method. The active compound production only occurred in media with low iron content and without organic nitrogen sources. Rodents fed diets containing high-tannin cereals (sorghum), also develop parotid hypertrophy.

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Progressive outer retinal necrosis complicated by combined central retinal vein and central retinal artery occlusions. Through the real-time monitoring of initial cytoskeleton variations, this study identified that macrophage movement was restricted on nanostructured titanium compared to flat titanium surfaces. Only the 1st condition received empirical support, and, thus, the results of this study provide little evidence for the hypothesis that cognitive stimulation preserves or enhances cognitive functioning that would otherwise decline. Characterized by malignant crusting or ulceration of the nipple, Paget disease can present in 1 of 3 ways: 1) in conjunction with an underlying invasive cancer, 2) in conjunction with underlying ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), or 3) alone without any underlying invasive breast carcinoma or DCIS.

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For commercial air transport pilots, the International Civil Aviation Organization has implemented a series of regulatory measures that could manage the risks associated with aging, including a mandatory retirement age, regular medical assessments for fitness to fly, and limits on the duration of duty and rest. The 6 month survival rate was 44 per cent and the one-year survival 9 per cent. We conclude that proper central plus-strand termination, mediated by a novel cis-active termination sequence, is a key step in HIV-1 replication.

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HIV and HCV risk behaviors among injection drug users (IDUs) in two urban areas in Pakistan were identified. Sequences were compared to those of 36 representatives of mesophilic and thermophilic clostridia, including those of nine thermophilic polysaccharolytic species published previously. Two primigravid immigrant women aged 20 and 24 years were diagnosed with tuberculous peritonitis. This manuscript gives a review about important studies addressing problems in intensive care medicine that have been published in journals focussing on critical care medicine and surgery in 2004.

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To assess the role of ventricular premature beats in influencing mortality of coronary patients, 1739 men with prior myocardial infarction were monitored for ectopic activity for one hour at a standard base-line examination, and followed for mortality for periods up to four years (average, 24.4 months). Many body-focused measures, such as feeding problems, auto-aggressive behavior, lack of maternal caresses, and family taboos regarding nudity and sexuality, characterized eating-disordered patients as opposed to both comparison groups, as did several social behaviors, such as adjustment problems at school and lack of close friends. There is also a need to develop sustainable sources of nutritionally important fatty acids such as those that are typically derived from fish oil.

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The increasing incidence of human poisoning by herbicides arises either from their wide (and sometimes irrational) agricultural use or abuse for suicidal (rarely homicdal) purposes. Dual inhibition of topoisomerase I and tubulin polymerization by BPR0Y007, a novel cytotoxic agent. The objective of this study was to evaluate how pleurodesis is performed in South and Central America. Flight behavior of methyl-parathion-resistant and -susceptible western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) populations from Nebraska. Antipsychotic medication was protective while, contrary to expectations, traditional predictors of violence reduced the odds of compliance with command hallucinations viewed as threatening.

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Cutaneous cancers represent a major public health concern due to the very high incidence, associated medical costs, substantial mortality, and cosmetic deformities associated with treatment. During endurance events of intermediate duration (4-5 min), performance is enhanced by warm-up irrespective of warm-up intensity. The main objective of this study is to develop a new prototype based on artificial supramolecular hydrogel capable of removing nanoparticle (NP) waste and nanomaterial by-products from aqueous suspensions.

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Finally, the RT mutant Y115F displayed lower discrimination against rNTPs due to its increase in binding affinity for non-canonical rNTPs. Efforts to improve the results of autologous transplant include targeted radiation, cytoprotective agents, tandem transplants, or post-transplant immunotherapy.

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Testicular cancer provides an excellent model system in this analysis. Both the patients were men, aged 62 and 75 years, respectively, with marked painful edema of a foot. In 15-day-old rats the response remained maximally potentiated for the full 72 min that it was monitored, with no decline. Mild and moderate hyposmia in particular occurred in the first year after RAI.

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The effect of apparent depth in pictorial images on accommodation. A comparison of paediatrics occupational therapy university program curricula in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. A polydisperse population of reactive determinants was observed in immunodiffusion and hemagglutination inhibition systems, employing proteoglycan specific antisera on gradient fractions. A comparison of axonally transported proteins in the rat sciatic nerve by in vitro and in vivo techniques.

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Levodopa, a precursor of catecholamines, was given to obese subjects receiving a low-energy diet in an attempt to prevent the reduction in catecholamine turnover and noradrenaline levels. Rapid increase of serum FSH levels in castrated male hamsters following transfer from short to long days or exposure to a single long day. Olduvai hominid 22, a nearly complete half mandible with crowns of P3-M2 in place, shares many anatomical features with fossils from Ternifine and Choukoutien. A complete cytoreductive surgery followed with an intraperitoneal chemohyperthermia (IPCH) is a new treatment allowing curing some patients with a peritoneal carcinomatosis.

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In addition, SIRT6 overexpression in terminally differentiated cortical and hippocampal neurons, mediated by a neuron-specific recombinant adeno-associated virus, downregulated cell viability under byetta renal dosing clindamycin oxidative stress condition. Fluctuations in the amplitude of the evoked response were found to be mediated by non-linear interactions with oscillatory processes both at the same source, in the alpha and beta frequency bands, and in the opposite hemisphere. Galactose-sensitive interactions are also involved in the binding of F. Most of patients presenting with characteristic triad of acral and periorificial dermatitis, diarrhea and alopecia in Thailand were acquired zinc deficiency. For the sexes combined, mean C titers of chickens fed aflatoxin were compared to mean titers of controls.

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Because elevated IL-6 is associated with a poorer prognosis among ovarian mahacef tablet price cancer patients and has been implicated in the metastasis of ovarian cancer, the current study examined relations between psychosocial factors and IL-6 among women with advanced-stage ovarian cancer. Although Fn is required for somitogenesis, effects of Fn disruption on subsequent muscle development are unknown. In the present study, we modified the LKJ unit and developed further two designs of the LKJ unit. Advantages of the L-GRIN lens also include a low fluid consumption rate, competitive focusing performance, and high compatibility with existing microfluidic devices.

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By postprocessing color Doppler M-mode (CDMM) images, we can measure noninvasively the ejection intraventricular pressure difference (EIVPD) between the LV apex blue pill cor 132 dosage for amoxicillin and the outflow tract. Comparison of D-malate and beta, beta-dimethylmalate dehydrogenases from Pseudomonas fluorescens UK-1. Loss of nigral dopamine cells in a primate species causes opposing alterations in the expression of enkephalin and substance P mRNA in the caudate nucleus and putamen.

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Several linkage disequilibrium clusters bearing multiple host plant resistance genes were found. T-cell derived cytokines TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma were measured by ELISA. The environmental cefastar 500 ml factors controlling the establishment and development of plants in different ecosystems are of two types, stress and disturbance.

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To improve the accuracy of estimation of stress, strain, and volumetric heat production, the geometry of the muscle must be known. Increasingly overburdened emergency departments are not the most appropriate setting in which to manage pain that requires close monitoring and careful opioid dose titration.1 We report on the benefit of treating acute pain in SCD in a day hospital (DH). Evaluation of a new tumour marker in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer: Cyfra 21.1. Treatment must first be directed toward removing precipitating augmentin dose for upper respiratory causes of the acquired disorders and then toward correcting the acidosis and other metabolic complications such as hypoglycemia.

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Adsorption of hydrogen molecules on platinum-doped single-walled zigzag (8,0) boron nitride (BN) nanotube is investigated using the density-functional theory. Microbial transformation of tannin-rich substrate to gallic acid through co-culture method. Allosteric conformational spread: exact results using a simple transfer omeprazole start dose for acid reflux matrix method. The SbSI gel was synthesized using elemental Sb, S and I in the presence of ethanol under ultrasonic irradiation (35 kHz, 2 W/cm2) at 50 degrees C for 2 h.

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Erratum to: A new window to understanding individual differences in reward sensitivity aspra sicily reviews on wen from attentional networks. A national evaluation using standardised patient actors to assess STI services in public sector clinical sentinel surveillance facilities in South Africa. Changes of hydrocarbon chain length were measured by (2)H NMR, and protein helical content was quantified by synchrotron radiation circular dichroism and conventional circular dichroism.

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Five patients showed elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) receptor auto-antibodies and 6 patients azelastine hydrochloride mode of action a marked swelling of the extra-ocular eye muscles on CT or MRI scans. Patient satisfaction survey and the place of users in the Oran university hospital quality project We calculated unadjusted, attributable, and overall medical costs using the Kaplan-Meier sample average estimator. Retrospective cohort study of United States national registry information.

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Rosa Roxburghii Tratt is a promising wild fruit crop in Southwest China. These probes included acyclovir eye ointment dosage form unfractionated A1 and A2 antisera to the major cartilage proteoglycan, affinity-purified purified antibodies to the proteoglycan core protein and to Type II collagen, and a monoclonal antibody to keratan sulfate. Different approaches include measures of cost efficiency growth and mapping health needs.